RECOVERY. We are all in some form of it. Recovery is returning to a healthier condition, and we all want that. Some think that Recovery is just for people who drink too much alcohol. In fact, teetotalers can be in recovery too. Why? Because we have all been hurt by something or someone and we […]

End of the World?

When I first stated hearing Christians talking about “The End Times” I thought they were stupid! But today, what the Bible predicts seems totally legit. It’s bizarre. Read this list and see which of these Bible prophecies, made centuries ago, are happening today. Which of them doesn’t seem accurate? Read the verses that predicted these […]

Is Life Meaningless?

I live with hope, purpose, and security in being loved unconditionally.But it was not always this way for me. I grew up in a home where God was important. My mom and dad became followers of Jesus when I was a baby, so a life centered on the God of the Bible was my home […]

The Importance of the Gospel

Few things in life are as significant as understanding and obeying the Good News about Messiah Jesus. Here are some Biblical passages that communicate a variety of perspective on the gospel of Jesus. This list is compiled by my friend Scott Lundquist. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world […]

From Animism to Jesus!

Hi, my name is Fam Seng, I was born in Laos, I was the youngest of six children in my family. Being the youngest I was expected to follow everyone else and be obedient. As young as I can remember, my dad was an influential man in our village, and he was also a shaman. […]


Is God is jail? Can He work in prisons? Is God changing lives? Can He transform anyone who is struggling? We think so. – I want you to be encouraged by a letter that we just received. Please read every word of this (transcribed) hand-written “prison epistle”. Letters written from jail are unique. This one […]

My Story – Revisited…

I was recently asked to speak to a business association in Portland. In preparation for that talk, I revisited and rewrote a bit of my story. Here is what came out! 🙂 HOW IT BEGAN I was born in 1959, in Los Angeles County, California, in the same hospital and year as Weird Al Yankovic! […]