Last week a Christian home community that I lead was planning to read Mark 4:35-41 together. The passage deals with how Jesus is Lord of the Seas. He can cause or calm any storm. We fear ruin and death. We believe that He doesn’t care about what we are going through. But in fact, Jesus […]


By Ray Comfort The life and death of Jesus Christ is a standing rebuke to every form of pride of which men are capable: Pride of birth and RANK: “Is not this the carpenter’s son?” (Matthew 13:55) Pride of WEALTH: “The Son of man has no where to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:20) Pride of personal APPEARANCE: “There is […]


President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both identify as Christians. Mr. Biden professes Roman Catholicism and Ms. Harris reports that she’s a Baptist. See how closely we (you, me and they) may be united with Biblical Christian spirituality – even though we realize that none of us follows Jesus perfectly. (Christians affirm the following. Check each […]

Recognizing Messiah

1) Abraham’s family will bless the WORLD. Genesis 12:2,3; 22:18 What NATION(s) descended from Abraham and have they blessed the world?    2) Messiah will be of THE Seed of Abraham. Matthew 1:1; Galatians 3:16 Who is the most FAMOUS Jewish person (descendant of Abraham) in history? 3) Messiah will be from the tribe of JUDAH. […]

Questions are KING!

You can never ask or answer too many questions! The following questions are adapted from the evocative book “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus: A Clear and Simple Explanation of the World’s Best Seller”. JUSTICE a)  Do you believe that systemic injustice exists? b) If so, what is right and just? and what is […]

Does God Exist?

Does God exist? Or is the material universe all that ever was and shall be? One answer to this question is the Cosmological Argument. Whatever began to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause. Believing that something exists without a cause is like believing in magic. Why? […]


Your thoughts about America’s political challenges are important. Answer the following questions to better understand your own political feelings. Learning where you stand politically will also help you evaluate where you are in relation to the current political climate. AFTER (note, after) you take the assessment, you’ll NEED and MUST watch the 7 minute video […]