Talk to George

George Bradley’s life is like the Renaissance logo, the sprouting stump. His life has been messed up and cut down by hatred, neglect, religion, addiction, disease, death, pretense and emotional isolation. But slowly, his life is growing and coming back. George was born and raised in Los Angeles County. He adores the ocean. While in college, he met and married his wife. Mary is a native Oregonian. Together they raised two adult daughters and helped to raise two great nephews. Mary is a university graduate nationally certified as a: Pilates Instructor, Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, in MELT and in TEFL.

George lived for some years as a skeptic and was unconvinced that God exists. After investigating a variety of world-views, he decided to read the Bible. While reading the Gospels – against his own desire to do so – he fell in love with Jesus. He is still in love.

George has interacted on spiritual and emotional issues with friends from over 50 nations. He seeks to listen and help create understanding. He’s worked as a laborer and directed an NGO founded to serve children-at-risk in war affected countries. George has studied and practiced counseling for more than a decade. He’s not a musician but he likes songwriting and practicing guitar. He’s a Bible teacher at Shephard’s Gate Church and serves international groups on an itinerant basis. He surfs several times a year and he’s into riding his bike around Southeast Portland almost every day.

He has a degree in Biblical literature with an emphasis in pastoral ministry, studied divinity in seminary, practiced counseling as a post graduate and is an ordained Christian pastor. He graduated from real estate school twice and manages some property. He earned a European university diploma in Portuguese and an M.A. in intercultural studies in grad school. He’s currently a part-time student of Christian Apologetics. George is eager to interact with you about your experience with relationships, God and culture.

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