What We Teach

Renaissance is a community of Jesus followers who contemplate the following:

We love and worship God. There is one God. We are spiritual/rational theists. Our Maker has revealed Himself to us in three persons: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We follow Jesus Messiah. Jesus is wholly God, wholly man and totally without sin. Jesus died in our place as a sacrifice for the misdeeds of humanity. He was buried, came back to life, and returned to heaven.

We walk with the Holy Spirit. God the Holy Spirit is active in persuading pre-believers of their need for a new and spiritual birth. He comforts, guides, and lives in His own.

We read and trust the Bible. It’s our truth source and our last word in spiritual matters.

We know we’re messed up. God makes everybody with great dignity. When the first man messed up, we were all radically corrupted. We all do bad things and we need God’s restorative forgiveness.

We can get help. Relationship with God is a gift we receive by turning toward God and away from our corruptions, when we put all our confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We’re immortal. Those who present their lives to Jesus will live with Him forever. Those who ignore or decide not to follow Jesus will remain separated from God’s beauty forever.

We’re united. All true Jesus followers are a part of His multi-ethnic international family.

The above is a short version of what we affirm. We also cherish behavior that loves God above all else. In addition, we prize conduct that pursues love for others as the highest virtue, as the Lord Jesus exemplifies.

Let’s say that your response to reading our teaching position is “That’s a load of rubbish.”  OK. Then do this for yourself. Sit down and write out what you affirm about ultimate reality, origins, the human condition, justice, redemption, how people change, life, death and the future, and then let’s talk about it.