What is Most True About Me?

How can I make sense of who I am?

FIRST PRINCIPLES are the foundation of LOGIC.

These principles helps me know more about reality and about myself. This section talks about First Principles in  practical ways. The numbers (in parentheses) correspond with the Logic section further below.

  1. I can know that I exist. I am here. (Numbers are coded to “Logic” below. #1)
  2. I didn’t make myself. (#11)
  3. Nothing cannot cause something. (#5)
  4. Only something prior to me could bring me here. (#7)
  5. Therefore, I was caused to exist by something other than me (#1-4)
  6. I am a rational, emotional and spiritual person.
  7. Therefore, the one prior to me must also be rational, emotional and spiritual… since we are similar (#12)
  8. The Necessary Being is essential and can’t be unnecessary (#3)
  9. Therefore, a Necessary Being exists.
  10. The Necessary Being is eternal, uncaused and unchanging.
  11. Therefore one infinite being exits. (Infinity can’t be multiple.)
  12. Such a Being is appropriately called “God”.
  13. Therefore, the theistic God exists.

These principles are the self-evident, basis of logic, reality and science. Attempts to deny these prerequisites for knowledge involuntarily affirm them. These principles of logic help Renaissance understand the world, our relationships and our spirituality. These principles lead us to connect with God, ourselves and others. These principles form the basis of the meaning we find in worshiping God and in serving others. We eagerly invite you to think about this stuff and to join us in seeking to follow Jesus.


How Do I Know What I Know? How do I decide if what I think is real, or just my opinion?

FIRST PRINCIPLES are the foundation of knowledge.

  1. Being Is (B is) = The principle of Existence.
  2. Being Is Being (B is B) = The principle of Identity.
  3. Being Is not Nonbeing (B is Not Non B) = The principle of Noncontradiction.
  4. Either Being or Nonbeing (Either B or non B) = The Excluded Middle.
  5. Nonbeing Cannot Cause Being (Non-B>B) The Principle of Causality.
  6. Contingent Being Can’t Cause Contingent Being (Bc>Bc) Dependency.
  7. Only Necessary Being Can Cause a Contingent Being (Bn->Bc) = The Positive Principle of Modality.
  8. Necessary Being Cannot Cause a Necessary Being (Bn>Bn) = The Negative Principle of  Modality.
  9. Every Contingent Being is Caused by a Necessary Being (Bn->Bc) = The Principle of Existential Causality.
  10. Necessary Being exists = Existential Necessity (Bn exists).
  11. Contingent being exists = Existential Contingency (Bc exists).
  12. The Necessary Being is similar to the similar contingent being it causes = The Principle of Analogy (Bn-similar->Bc)

REVIEW: 1) I am here, 2) I am me, 3) I really exist, 4) I am not you, 5) I was caused, 6) I couldn’t cause myself, 7) something is greater than me, 8) there is only one original, 9) everything was caused, 10) there is a first cause, 11) the first cause exists, 12) I’m similar to what caused me.

JesusPDX thinks that these First Principles help us logically evaluate thoughts about God and ourselves.