What’s the Logo About?

The JesusPDX/Renaissance logo is a sprouting stump. Yep, it’s a sprouting stump. Our logo is a tree that was cut down and is now experiencing ‘renaissance’ or new birth. Our logo reminds us that Jesus can give us a new birth and a fresh start. “A shoot will grow from the stump…” (Isaiah 11:1)

The growing stumps’ about JESUS. The Bible talks about Jesus being the unique source of new life for His people. The Scriptures talk about Jesus being a fruitful branch that grows from the broken stump of Israel. “A shoot will grow from the stump.”

The sprouting stump is about YOU. Your life may seem cut down by pain, error, problems and bad choices. You may feel like a tree that’s been sawed down. You may wonder what good can come from your broken life. Thankfully, as you affirm that your soul has been chopped low, God can give you new life and a fresh beginning in Jesus. You can find a unique new place as you are grafted into and sprout from the tree of God by choosing to identify with and follow Jesus Christ. God sees the loss in your life and wants to give you a healthy new beginning. “A shoot will grow from the stump.”

Renaissance’s budding stump logo is about PORTLAND. One of Portland’s historic nicknames is “Stumptown”. Because of all the stumps left in the city after thousands of our trees were cut down for lumber, Portland was dubbed “Stumptown”. We know that as God gives new birth and growth to individuals in Portland, He will give fresh hope and a spiritual newness to a movement of people in our beloved ‘Stumptown’. “A shoot will grow from the stump.”

The logo is about us. JesusPDX/Renaissance is a gathering of souls unifying in our desire to see God reproduce something in us that will grow up into eternity. We want to live in renaissance or new birth. Individually we are used up and weak. Together, as we become more like Jesus and serve together we will honor God, grow and benefit others in Portland and around the world.

Some passages that talk about healthy new growth coming from stumps (broken lives and relationships) are: Isaiah 11; 6:13; 53:2, Daniel 4:13- 27, Job 14:8, Proverbs 12:12,   John 1:4; 5:24-27; 14:6, Romans 11:16, Revelation 22:16.