What is the Jesus Story?

God wants to connect with me and help me live a life of meaning. The Jesus story is about how I can connect with Ultimate Reality (God), know my true self and develop relational intimacy with others. The Jesus story is about learning to serve others and to communicate about Him. The Jesus story is the reality that even though I think and do bad things – things that violate my own conscience and God’s standard – I can be forgiven and brought into a loving relationship with my Maker.

Here’s the deal. Even though God loves me a lot and made me cool and intelligent, I disobey His instructions in thought and practice. I’m justifiably disconnected from God because of all the dark crud in my heart. Because God really wants a relationship with me, He sent His unique Son, Jesus (the Jewish Messiah or the Christ), to cover for me.

Jesus really came to this planet. He lived a perfect life. Not only that, when I’m confident in who Jesus is, He will take all the terrible stuff I’ve done (and still do) and put it on Himself. I can be released from guilt and made clean. I can be brought into an intimate relationship with Him. To get close with God like this, I need to agree with God about what He says about Himself, about me, and about Jesus. To connect with God I realize that I can’t fix myself so I put all my confidence in Him to pull me close.

When Jesus was executed, He was paying the penalty for my bad thoughts and misdeeds. He gave His body as a blood sacrifice for all the horrible junk in me. But Jesus didn’t stay dead. After He was murdered, Jesus came back to life. The resurrection of Jesus is among the most verifiable facts of history. Jesus proves who He is and demonstrates His ability to pardon me by His power over death.

When I turn away from confidence in myself (pride), in religion, philosophy or my own good deeds and turn toward Jesus, God forgives me and puts His love in my heart. Jesus can pay my spiritual debt, acquit me of my moral crimes, connect me to Himself and give me a life of connection and meaning. (And when groups of us begin to follow Jesus our families, communities and society are also transformed. Jesus changes everything.)

So do this, if you will. Talk to God and ask Him to show Himself to you spiritually. Then get a New Testament at www.powells.com (or on your mobile: www.youversion.com) and start reading in John. If you become convinced that Jesus is who He says He is, ask Him to forgive you and to give you a relationship with Himself. Then, contact us and we’ll talk.