Hey, it’s good living in Portland. We appreciate so many things about the Pacific Northwest in general and Portland specifically. We have an amazing local and ethnic food scene. Our coffee roasting, gardening, biking, arts and sciences are renowned. We value ideas, books, technology and learning. The variety of musical expressions we enjoy is tremendous. Our local art scene is cool and so is downtown,  PSU, our public parks and our natural health and fitness opportunities. We value our intercultural sensitivity, recovery and spiritual resources. We like that we can  live casually, if we want to. We have inviting neighborhoods and community possibilities. Portland is home.


You feel at home among our tribe. You’re comfortable here. Portland is a town that’s sometimes described as eclectic and progressive. You value our interdependence and  our ecological awareness. This may be what attracted you here. You’re into our Portland vibe.

You want to live a life of meaning and purpose. You want to grow in your connection with yourself and with others. You want to love and to be loved. You want to know, and to be known. You long to discover ultimate reality, and truth, if it exists. You want your life to count – to have an impact. Your soul yearns to experience intimacy and significance.

Perhaps you’re just trying to get by, to exist, and you wonder if your life has meaning. Maybe you would say that you are into New Age or Eastern ways of thinking. It’s possible that you haven’t thought much about God. Or maybe you have and you’re secular or agnostic. If you are like some of us, you’re skeptical about Jesus. Yet you may also quietly hope that God is there and really want to follow Jesus. You’re possibly comfortable with spirituality but uncomfortable with religion.

JesusPDX knows that we’re a diverse bunch. We accept you where you are on your spiritual journey.


JesusPDX / Renaissance is a spiritual network based in inner SE Portland. But we’re a place for all of us to think, ask question about and to explore the person of Jesus. We want this site to help link you to spiritual resources in our community. Renaissance wants to help you connect with God, yourself and with others. We want to serve our community. We’re inviting you to experience Jesus.

JesusPDX is a place where people from a variety of backgrounds are welcome. We want to be friends with our neighbors who don’t’ yet follow Jesus. We want to encourage our community to embrace positive spiritual change. We hope that you will choose to follow Jesus with us. And if you don’t, we’ll still be friends.

Lots of us are frustrated with God – even super mad at Him. Others are confident in God. Most of us want to grow and learn to live in ways that are loving and just. Regardless of where you are intellectually, spiritually, sexually, politically or economically, we want to be friends and to share life with you.

We’re not a church, per say. That is, we don’t have a building or host public worship services. We are one modest expression of our cooperation with several established local churches. And we are here to help you connect with God through Jesus. Please contact us today!