RECOVERY. We are all in some form of it. Recovery is returning to a healthier condition, and we all want that.

Some think that Recovery is just for people who drink too much alcohol. In fact, teetotalers can be in recovery too. Why? Because we have all been hurt by something or someone and we all need to heal from that and move forward. We all sin and we all need to discipline our minds to turn away from lawlessness (I John 3:4). Also, even though it is hard for some of us to admit it, we have all hurt someone else. There are people out there who may be recovering from you! Recovery is for church ladies and heroin addicts – deacons and pimps – gluttons and worrywarts… Your recovery may be from sexual trauma or from emotional neglect or from 101 other things.

This week a friend who has been sober for several years told me that he is now in recovery from another – heretofore undisclosed – compulsion. Then, a friend who is an artist told me that she wants to use her art skills to help women and men who are in recovery – Cool! Finally, a pastor I care about asked me to help him initiate a new Recovery House for men who are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. You may be starting in recovery or you may want to help others who are struggling. Either way, these resources are for you.

The following list is a guide to just a few of the resources available to us for recovery. Some of these resources are Christian. Some are not. Some are for recovery from substances. Others are for helpful change from anything, Others are for marital betrayal or familial abuse. I have had some interaction with most of these resources. The Genesis Process and Mending to Soul have helped me a lot. If you live in Oregon, my hope is that these resources will be useful to you or to someone you love.