End of the World?

When I first stated hearing Christians talking about “The End Times” I thought they were stupid! But today, what the Bible predicts seems totally legit. It’s bizarre. Read this list and see which of these Bible prophecies, made centuries ago, are happening today. Which of them doesn’t seem accurate? Read the verses that predicted these events. What’s going on?!

Answer Yes or No to Each Item Below                

1)  Is International or Global TRAVEL a thing? Yes or No?                   

        (Almost 5 Billion people flew on airplanes in 2019 alone. Daniel 12:4a)

2) Has KNOWLEDGE increased in the World? Y or N, etc.          

(Soon human knowledge may double every 12 hours! Daniel 12:4b)

3) Is Earth Experiencing CLIMATE CHANGE?                      

       (We’re experiencing remarkable global weather events. Luke 21:25-26)

4) Is Global COMMUNICATION a Current Reality?                  

       (We chat with friends on 5 continents on our phones! Revelation 11:9,10)

5) Is Christianity a Significant WORLDVIEW?                                   

(1/3 of the planet is “Christian”. 8% say “Jesus is Lord”. Matthew 24:14)

6) Did We Just Have a GLOBAL PANDEMIC?               

      (COVID-19! And other plagues are increasing. Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11)


       (Google, Apple, Facebook & the banks own you! Revelation 13:16,17)

8)  Do WEAPONS of Mass DESTRUCTION Concern You?                                                       

        Perhaps 15,000 Nuclear Weapons are aimed today. Mathew 24:21-22)

9) Do I Want WORLD PEACE & GLOBAL PROSPERITY?                  

       (Of course! We hope for a leader to make it real. I Thessalonians 5:3)

10) Is Anti-Semitism and HATRED for Israel Increasing?          

     (Many statisticians say that Anti-Zionism is up 75%. Zachariah 12:3)

These 10 things predicted in the Bible are real now. How did this happen? Bottom Line: God Exists. Jesus is for real. The Bible is True. I get ready for The End by changing – turning from known evil. Believe that Jesus can forgive my sins and make me right with God.

(Credit for the concept of this post to Dr. John Barnett.)

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