In LOVE with Jesus

In Love with Jesus I’ve been going through the gospels this week (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – the first four books in the Bible’s New Testament). As I was doing that I was impressed with just how interested I am in them. Each one is a bit different but each author covers the life […]

World View

The way I view life influences everything about me and how I relate to others. Write down your answers to each of these questions. Reality. What is most real? Does God(s) exist? Is God finite or infinite, personal or impersonal? If God exists, has he spoken? If he’s spoken, how is he communicating? Earth. How […]

Roman Catholicism

I grew up in SE Los Angeles County. My dearest neighbors were Roman Catholics from Poland, Scotland, Mexico and France. I was and I am fascinated by their cultures and religion. I loved them as people and wanted to learn about their Catholic history, politics and faith. I remember sitting in the living room of […]


Few things have more impact on our lives than Government, Morality and Science (Science includes Technology and Medicine). GOVERNMENT tells us what is Lawful or Unlawful. MORALITY and Ethics proceed from Religion/Spirituality. Religion (or none) tells us what is Good and what is Evil. SCIENCE allows us to either take or save lives. We can […]


“Can you come up with an example of anything that began to exist that doesn’t have a cause? Even David Hume, the famous skeptic said, ‘I never asserted so absurd a proposition as that anything might arise without a cause.’ The universe began to exist. Virtually every scientist now concedes that universe and time itself […]

What Does Language Prove?

Evidence for God’s existence is on the tip of your tongue! Secular friends and Naturalistic scientists urge us to see ourselves and the world as purely material. We are matter only and that’s it, they say. Language, however, is not made of matter. Our communication, right now, is not material at all. If language is non-material, […]

Respect for Atheism

I respect my friends who don’t believe in God. Many are being true to their experience of the world. Sometimes theists abuse atheists for their unbelief. That makes me sad because I think some atheists are just being honest. Even John says “No one has ever seen God…” (John 1:18). So why should Jesus followers […]


Today I had lunch with a man from the nation of Colombia. What a great guy! His name is Fernando. Deeply devoted to God and wanting to help others, Fernando studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood. But then, when it came time to take his priestly vows, he paused and backed out. He decided that […]