Oh So Lonely

I didn’t understand it as a kid, but I was so lonely as a child. Looking back now, as an adult, it makes perfect sense. Of course I was lonely, I had not bonded with my mother. My father died when I was six. My siblings were years older than me and my extended family […]


Karl Marx was a European social revolutionary (1818-1883). Born into a Jewish and Christian family, he forsook the Life-Giver and became a belligerent humanist. In 1848 he and Engels published The Communist Manifesto. So far over 100 million people have died under their collectivist ideologies. Our worldview differs from the thinking behind The Communist Manifesto. […]

My Story

Hi. My name‘s George. I live in and love Portland, Oregon’s Hawthorne District. I was born and raised in a working class Latino neighborhood of SE Los Angeles County. The hatred and killings of the (first) Watts Riots are among my earliest memories. My father was an angry and violent alcoholic. A veteran and member […]


Today you may be in relational conflict with someone. I’m confident that this worksheet will guide you into what to do about this relational challenge. This experience is a Relational TOOL you can use today! The story of two solid Christian sisters in Philippi (Euodia and Synthyche) will teach us about how to manage our […]

It’s Me?

Years ago I was surfing Seal Beach, California on a big, Super Hollow day. (A day like the one in this video below.) I took a beating out there. I literally got bounced off of the bottom. My neck could have been broken… I came in and sat on the beach totally exhausted and ashamed that […]

Race and Justice in America

Grief. Outrage. Fear. Disgust. Dismay. And struggling to see what good might come from this. These emotions and responses have been swinging back and forth in my heart and mind since witnessing the video of the gruesome killing of George Floyd. In the days since that horrible day on May 25, our nation has witnessed […]


My dad was a racist.  Members of my family claimed to be a part of the Klan. I grew up hearing people of other races referred to by every appalling epithet imaginable. In fact, I don’t think I learned any new racial slurs after I was 5 years old because, sadly, I had leaned them […]