Respect for Atheism

I respect my friends who don’t believe in God. Many are being true to their experience of the world. Sometimes theists abuse atheists for their unbelief. That makes me sad because I think some atheists are just being honest. Even John says “No one has ever seen God…” (John 1:18). So why should Jesus followers […]


Today I had lunch with a man from the nation of Colombia. What a great guy! His name is Fernando. Deeply devoted to God and wanting to help others, Fernando studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood. But then, when it came time to take his priestly vows, he paused and backed out. He decided that […]

Questions About Truth

Is truth that which conforms to reality? Is reality that which conforms to my personal truth? Does objective truth exist? Can objective truth be known? Can two contradictory points be simultaneously true? Can opposite truth claims be equally valuable? Does each person have their own truth? Is knowing a fact arrogant? Is one version of […]

What Is True?

How do I explain the existence of everything? If I believe that everything comes from nothing, how is it that nothing is communicating with me in meaningful ways? If I believe that everything is the result of chance, why do I make truth claims? How can something/anything be right or good – wrong or evil […]

Renaissance RHYTHMS

Renaissance is an unconventional network seeking to adapt their lives around Jesus. These RHYTHMS unify our hearts. I Seek CONNECTION with: GOD by 1) being conscious of His presence and getting alone with Him regularly, 2) gathering weekly, to worship God with others. 3) obeying Jesus by being baptized and 4) investing a percentage of […]

Is God Romancing Me?

A friend of mine and I were just talking about how in the West we marry the one we love and how, in the East we learn to love the one we marry.    This friend related the true story of a woman she knows. Her friend lives in the East and her marriage was arranged, as is typical.      […]