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Last week a Christian home community that I lead was planning to read Mark 4:35-41 together. The passage deals with how Jesus is Lord of the Seas. He can cause or calm any storm. We fear ruin and death. We believe that He doesn’t care about what we are going through. But in fact, Jesus is in control of the elements and the storms of our life, even when He seems to be sleeping! Please read the passage for yourself.

But our home community could not meet last week due to a major ice storm that hit Oregon and knocked out our electricity, heat, internet and phone service. Were we alone in that storm or was Jesus with us? He was with us. (And we will gather this week, now that the storm has passed.)

What STORM is dominating your life? Where is God in your Fear and Pain? He can handle your doubt, questions and accusations. He is eager to meet with you in the midst of your worst moments of anxiety and terror. Speak to Jesus about the shipwrecks of your life now. Ask Him what He intends. Submit to His High Admiralty. Draw closer to Him as a Person – even in the midst of the highest wind and the waves of this short life.

I was helped by listening to the video below. I hope that you are too.