World View

The way I view life influences everything about me and how I relate to others. Write down your answers to each of these questions.

Reality. What is most real? Does God(s) exist? Is God finite or infinite, personal or impersonal? If God exists, has he spoken? If he’s spoken, how is he communicating?

Earth. How did our planet get here? Is it finite or eternal? Open or closed to miracles?

Humanity. Are we mortal or immortal, basically good, bad or both? Do I have a soul?

Beliefs. What do I believe is true? What is truth? From where does truth originate?

Values. Based on what I think reality is … I will decide what is valuable and best. 

Vision. What’s my future? What metaphors describe my destiny after I die?

Ethics. What am I obligated and duty bound to do? Are ethics absolute or relative?

Aspirations. How do I order my desires for pleasure, relationships, impact, wealth…?

Logic. Are the 12 principles of logic valid? (See our website’s “logic” page for more on this.)

Culture. How do the constraints of my culture impact how I reach for what I want?

History. Is history linear or chaotic? Purposeful or purposeless? Eternal or ending?

Behavior. Finally, what daily actions, roles and practices will govern my daily life?

One thing about following Jesus is that he gives us a comprehensive world view. Jesus followers realize that God exists, is real and is communicating. The universe originated in God and is open to His intervention. I’m a mixture of beauty and madness. I have a soul and sometimes I violate my conscience. The scriptures point us to Messiah Jesus who is loving truth personified. His love is best, eternity is our future, service is our obligation and the New Testament tells us how to order our lives. History has purpose. My life has value. The Jesus way is logical, intercultural and practical for daily living. Please consider following Jesus with us.

For more on this subject, please read the books of Dr. James Sire and follow this link:!30798&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AGGWrb-jObtf5h0

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