Recognizing Messiah

1) Abraham’s family will bless the WORLD. Genesis 12:2,3; 22:18

What NATION(s) descended from Abraham and have they blessed the world?   

2) Messiah will be of THE Seed of Abraham. Matthew 1:1; Galatians 3:16

Who is the most FAMOUS Jewish person (descendant of Abraham) in history?

3) Messiah will be from the tribe of JUDAH. Genesis 49:10; Matthew 1:1-3

Is Jesus from the TRIBE of Judah? Luke 3:23, 33, 34

4) Messiah will be of the House of DAVID, will establish the kingdom forever and will be the Son of God. 2 Samuel 7:12-14

Who in history could be ALL THREE of these?

5) Isaiah 40:3 predicts that a wilderness PROPHET will be Messiah’s forerunner.

Did the last Prophet, John the Baptizer PREPARE the way for God’s Passover Lamb?

6) The SPIRIT of the Lord God will rest on Messiah in wisdom, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Isaiah 11:2.

Did the Holy Spirt DESCEND on Jesus at His baptism? Matthew 3:16,17

7) Messiah will be The paramount Preacher to the POOR. Isaiah 61:1f

Who in history FULFILLED this prophecy (Luke 4:17-19)?

8) Messiah will be an amazing MIRACLE Worker. Isaiah 35:5.6

Who is the greatest Miracle Worker of ALL time (Matthew 9:35; 11:4,5)?

9) Messiah will be REJECTED by His own People. Psalm 118:22

Nationally, does Jesus remain officially UNRECOGNIZED as Messiah in Israel? (Matthew 21:42)

10) Messiah will be considered The Chief CORNERSTONE (Central Figure) of all existence. Psalm 118:22, I Peter 2:7

Who is all time and history’s key, CENTRAL and pivotal foundational figure (Acts 4:10-12)? 

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