Your thoughts about America’s political challenges are important. Answer the following questions to better understand your own political feelings.

Learning where you stand politically will also help you evaluate where you are in relation to the current political climate.

AFTER (note, after) you take the assessment, you’ll NEED and MUST watch the 7 minute video “WHAT IS THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION” on YouTube, to see how close your views are to those of Mao Zedong and his political influences. This political assessment will help you know how close your views are to those of Mao and others. Now, answer the following questions, “Yes” or “No”. A simple evaluation on your score and a link to the video are included at the end. Enjoy!

 1. America needs to go forward, not backwards. Society must evolve.
 2. We ought to embrace more political progress.  3. The rich should pay more.
 4. In some ways, the free market system has failed.
 5. More government regulations will help and protect us.
 6. New ideas must be implemented.
 7. America, as founded, needs a fundamental political transformation.
 8. The American ideals of our 18th century founders don’t work in the 21st century.
 9. I favor the removal of the flawed symbols of our past patriarchal oppressors.
 10. The old American culture is behind us.
 11. The previous generations had their shot. Now is our time.
 12. We should rename streets, schools and cities for our modern cultural icons.
 13. We need to fact-check and void false, hateful and fear-based media.
 14. The public square should not be held captive by religious ideologues.
 15. Disfiguring symbols honoring systemic injustice is a form patriotism.
 16. State funded public schools and universities are paramount to a free society.
 17. Ignorance is as unattractive as it is intolerable.
 18. Our youth should begin leading now.
 19. I don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.
 20. Dissent from modern political progress is destructive to the collective good.
 21. Societal needs are of vital importance. People before profits.
 22. No big corporation or wealthy family should be able to own too much property.
 23. Billionaires should not influence our elections.
 24. Non-democratic voices need to be counterbalanced with clear facts.
 25. Media biased toward traditionalism is too powerful in America.
 26. If you are not an ally of social advancement, you are an enemy of the people.  27. Landlords and big banks should not be able to force payment.
 28. People who support shameful hate groups ought to be publicly called out.
 29. The sexual revolution and the redefinition of the family has been good for women.
 30. We advance humanity through education and by discrediting regressive ignorance.
 31. Shame on people and organizations that vote against progress for everyone.
 32. Children need to be educated toward the new ideas.
 33. The media should cooperate with and promote social change.
 34. It takes a village to raise a child.
 35. Workers need a greater voice and influence in local government.
 36. Government needs to regulate abusive and greedy corporate practices.
 37. We need to expand restorative funding for the marginalized and oppressed.
 38. A woman’s right to choose is an absolute human right.
 39. The collective good of America supersedes the rights of a selfish few.
 40. Backward religious oppression needs to be replaced with new scientific insights.
 41. The world needs to change and get better now. We can’t wait for the stragglers.
 42. Real advancement won’t occur until the older generations give power to the young. 43. Families need to work toward community service and development.
 44. Local communities need greater child care funding from property owners.  45. The journalistic profession is vital to promoting positive social change.  46. No one needs an assault weapon to hunt for food.  47. Hate speech is not free speech.
 48.The current controlling powers need to be restructured.
 49. Dominating powers must be occupied by a new intersection of the repressed.
 50. Equality is the goal of the new American society.

Give yourself ONE POINT for each item you AGREE with. Then watch the video below and read more about the Cultural Revolution.

The higher your score, the greater your agreement with Marxist ideals. The more items you agree with on this assessment, the more you value the historic philosophical influences of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Many theists disfavor Mao’s Marxism because some atheists choose to abuse people who believe God and follow Jesus Christ. Christians believe in God, His love, His justice, Scripture, the family, freedom of: conscience, thought, speech, education, assembly and the separation of church and state…

We hope that you will now learn more about the political regress and the millions who died as a result of the atheistic ideas behind the Cultural Revolution. We encourage you to inform yourself about the person and teachings of Jesus Messiah. His worldview is what the Cultural Revolution hated. Jesus taught love, absolute truth, justice, ethics, personal non-violence, separation of powers and the need for societal righteousness. The values of racial reconciliation we share are modeled in Jesus and His Family. Only Jesus can forgive me/us for the sins of today and of our past. Our desires to love and serve our neighbors are magnified in the teaching of Jesus.

The Bible talks about economics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, government, medicine, Messiah and our need for His forgiveness and salvation. The Bible teaches us about forgiveness and reconciliation in Christ. Please start reading the New Testament today.

If you want more question like the ones here, go to: JesusPDX.org/blog and search for the World View and Spirituality assessments…
Peace to you, your family and our community.

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