Renaissance RHYTHMS

Renaissance is an unconventional network seeking to adapt their lives around Jesus. These RHYTHMS unify our hearts.


GOD by 1) being conscious of His presence and getting alone with Him regularly, 2) gathering weekly, to worship God with others. 3) obeying Jesus by being baptized and 4) investing a percentage of my income in God’s kingdom.

MYSELF by growing personally and spiritually by: 5) practicing these rhythms, 6) sharing our basic understandings about Jesus, 7) talking about my progress with others practicing the Rhythms, 8) reading about Jesus in the Gospels, on my own each week.

OTHERS by: 9) developing friendships and expressing kindness to at least one secular friend and a believer each week, 10) joining or starting a weekly home group, 11) sharing a meal with a secular friend and a Jesus follower each week, 12) living as close to our community as possible.

 I Discover MEANING as I’m:

13) SERVING human needs and working for justice with a regular volunteer job.

14) listening to my friends tell their stories, sharing my life and communicating the Jesus STORY.

Keeping these rhythms I’ll become more like Jesus. I will grow to become more: 1) connected with ultimate reality, 2) spiritual, 3) like Jesus, 4) generous, 5) balanced, 6) rational, 7) accountable, 8) eternally focused, 9) compassionate, 10) relational, 11) inclusive, 12) grounded, 13) service oriented and 14) transformational.

Renaissance means ‘new birth’’ in French. We connect with God, others and ourselves through worship, friendships and spiritual growth. We experience meaning through service to others and by communicating our experience with Jesus. If you are a Jesus follower, we invite you to join us. If you are skeptical about Jesus, we want to be friends with you and to walk with you on your spiritual journey.

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