4 Ultimate Questions: Worldview Part 1 by Steve Childers | Steve Childers

· What is real?

· What‘s true?

· What, at the end of the day, is good?

· Who am I?

· Where did I come from?

· Did the earth have a beginning?

· What should I do? How must I live?

· What’s wrong? What’s right? Why?

· What is acceptable/unacceptable behavior?

What are my basic/primary assumptions about life? (What are my authoritative life presuppositions?)

+ What laws do I live by?

+ Are all worldviews focused and exclusive?

+ Am I able to answer all of these questions?

* Are my answers logically consistent with each other?

* Are there any contradictions in my answers?

* Do those without any religion (‘nons’) have a worldview?

Do I concur with the following?

Pagans say there are many competing gods.

Naturalists believe in no gods, only materialism.

Pantheists hold that the universe is divine (or is god).

Syncretists simultaneously holds to two or more worldviews.

Jesus Followers (Theists/Christians) affirm that:

1) God is. God exists and has spoken to us clearly. God is reality.

2) All humans have dignity as created in God’s image.

3) Relationship/union with God is the purpose of life. God sent Jesus so we can know Him personally.

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