Questions are KING!

You can never ask or answer too many questions!

The following questions are adapted from the evocative book “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus: A Clear and Simple Explanation of the World’s Best Seller”.


a)  Do you believe that systemic injustice exists?

b) If so, what is right and just? and what is wrong and unjust? Name a few examples of each.

c)  Are there any consequences for unjust acts or doing what’s wrong?  If so, what would those consequences be?

d)  If someone says you have committed an injustice or done something that is wrong – how do we decide who is right?  

e) Have you ever thought anything unjust? For example, how many lies have you told in your life? or how many impure thoughts have you had?

f) If systemic injustice is rampant, might it be due to my personal injustice?


a) Are you afraid to die?

b) Why do people die?

c) What happens to us when we die?

d) Where did you get your ideas about humanity and our future after we die?


a) When you hear the word “God” what comes to mind?

b) What would you say God is like?

c) Where did you get your ideas about God?

d) What if God is as interested in personal justice as we are?

Theists and followers of Jesus affirm that INJUSTICE is basic to our human reality and existence. We all think and do bad things. I am unjust. Only God is perfect, pure, holy and is the definition of justice. II Timothy 4:1 tells us that Jesus will return to our little planet and will act as the judge of all the whole earth. Wow. This means that Jesus will judge me by His law and standards.

Further, when I think of myself and other HUMANS, I see and know that we are all messed up big time. We are terrified of death. We do a lot to prevent death from happening but the rich and poor all die and rot the same. My death is inevitable. Romans 6:23 tells me that death is the wage that I earn for my many sins. It also tells me that only God can give me spiritual and eternal life through Messiah Jesus.

Finally, GOD is revealing Himself to us clearly through what He has made, through the Bible, His Law, our conscience and through the life, teaching and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus (Hebrews 1:2). He defines SPIRITUALITY.

So, it is only logical that we should admit our many injustices to God, accept His perfect standards and stop sinning. I am unjust and worthy of God’s just judgement on my soul! He is loving, merciful, gracious and full of compassion toward us. He is also a good and just judge. Consequently, I must present my natural fear of death to Him and ask Him to give me new life – because I have repented and put all of my confidence in the sacrificial work of Jesus on my behalf

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