Questions About Truth

Is truth that which conforms to reality?

Is reality that which conforms to my personal truth?

Does objective truth exist?

Can objective truth be known?

Can two contradictory points be simultaneously true?

Can opposite truth claims be equally valuable?

Does each person have their own truth?

Is knowing a fact arrogant?

Is one version of reality better than another?

Is it positive to embrace a lie?

Is the new definition of tolerance prejudice, narrow-minded and bigoted against evidential truth?

Is truth my opinion?

Are some truths independent of personal opinion?

What’s the difference between an objective and a subjective truth claim?

Is it logical to embrace a bold contradiction?

Is the belief that objective truth does not exist an objective claim about truth?

Is the assertion objective truth does not exist self refuting?

When a statement fails to meet its own standard for being true is it self-refuting?

Logically, can I say “All views are valid, except one”?

Jesus replied.  “I was born for this, and have come into the world for this: to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” “What is truth?” said Pilate. John 18:37,38

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