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Karl Marx was a European social revolutionary (1818-1883). Born into a Jewish and Christian family, he forsook the Life-Giver and became a belligerent humanist. In 1848 he and Engels published The Communist Manifesto. So far over 100 million people have died under their collectivist ideologies. Our worldview differs from the thinking behind The Communist Manifesto. Please resist secularism and seek the face of God through the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is some of what Christians affirm – in contrast to Marxist beliefs.

Marx was an atheist. We affirm that GOD exists. Not only does God exist, He is Ultimate Reality and is known via science, conscience, Messiah and the Bible. Avoid atheism and live in relationship with the one true, just and living God.

Marx proposed the redefinition and diminishing of family. We celebrate the FAMILY, understood as Jesus taught it, as a beautiful source of benefit, health, joy and blessing. Resist the Sexual Revolution. Read Matthew.19:3-12

Marx held a materialistic view of human origins and economics. However we are natural and SPIRITUAL beings, made with dignity and in God’s image. We can know God. Oppose materialism. Discover your real identity and unique design.

Marx thought society should decide what is right and wrong (moral relativism). We discern that morality is based in God’s JUSTICE in the 10 Commandments. Contest ethical subjectivism. Read the New Testament. Learn right from wrong.

Marx taught that ‘the end justifies the means’. So, violence is okay if it advances the coercive desires of States for the ‘greater good’. We say no. LOVE your neighbor. Don’t abort, tax, shame, attack or ‘reeducate’ theists and dissenters.

Marxism favors bureaucratic dictators. We affirm good GOVERNMENT, Separation of Powers and of Church and State. We refuse State as religion. We support the Bill of Rights and personal freedoms. Challenge politicians who don’t.

SUMMARY: We worship God, work hard, build our family, meditate on Scripture, teach our children, do what’s right, confess our sins to God, embrace God’s justice, love our neighbor, support spiritual & civic community. Please resist godless Utopianism and follow LIFE in Jesus (John 10:10).

Photo Credit: Andy Ngo, Portland, Oregon

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