Sermons – First Baptist Church of Lee's Summit

Few things have more impact on our lives than Government, Morality and Science (Science includes Technology and Medicine).

GOVERNMENT tells us what is Lawful or Unlawful.

MORALITY and Ethics proceed from Religion/Spirituality. Religion (or none) tells us what is Good and what is Evil.

SCIENCE allows us to either take or save lives. We can deliver medicine or drop bombs. We can provide care or abort…  

In Mark 3 Jesus heals a guy whose hand didn’t work right. Jesus cured this person in the presence of religious leaders who believe that THEY control society, ethics and technology.  But Jesus is audacious. In healing this man Jesus says to us all, I’m over and above: Nations, Philosophies and Science. 

How can a construction worker turned Messiah (Jesus) claim to know more about these matters than everyone? If what Jesus demonstrates is false, any politician, professor or researcher could argue that Jesus is a lying fool. But Jesus validates His bold rule over government, religion and science by healing in front of legal, spiritual and medical authorities.

Either Jesus is who He claims to be or He’s the greatest danger to the advancement of good governance, ethics and technology in history. But Jesus tells me what is lawful and good. He displays his power to rescue or to take my life. Yet Jesus extends Himself to me with gentleness and love. Audacious!

Please read the Gospels and consider following Jesus.

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