I Have a Problem…

My problem is this. There are parts of Jesus that I really like. He’s a beautiful figure. His person and teachings inspire me like no other being in history. When he talks about love, forgiveness and peace, I’m with him 100%. But when he talks about his “narrow path”, sexual ethic, authority and my being hated because of him… he scares me.

It seems I have three options when it comes to Jesus:

· Abandon Jesus. I can reject him outright. Many do. I can simply not follow him anymore and openly deny that he’s the Lord/Messiah that he says he is. Apostasy.

· Modify Jesus. I change what he says and form him into my image. I select the bits of Jesus I like and drop what’s challenging/problematic. I make my own Jesus. Idolatry.   

· Embrace Jesus. That is, I can take him for all he says, models, promotes and adore him as Master. I can make Jesus my life (not just part of my life – Col. 3:4). Worship.

What to do? 1) Walk away and renounce Jesus? 2) Select the parts of Jesus I like, as if at a spiritual smorgasbord? Or, 3) yield to his sovereignty and honor him as the King he says he is? If I abandon Jesus I’ll lose a part of my life and soul that loves him. If I modify Jesus I can keep my pet flaws and gain the respect of some of my secular friends. If I embrace Jesus as King/Lord I may gain his approval and spiritual peace but I’ll have to humble myself, fight my weaknesses (change) and suffer the criticism of my skeptical neighbors.

Which route do you choose? Maybe you’re aware of other logical options. If so, please let us know. Eric Clapton reminds us in the song below that we are all at a crossroads. We have a choice. We need to ask the Lord for his saving mercy as we choose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtLhPeLB9bA


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