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In times of political suppression or medical isolation, we still worship God, care for our souls and serve others!

As followers of Jesus, we consider it an honor to be a part of God’s world-wide family. We greatly value His Family and it’s functions. But what exactly does a Home Church do?  (AKA: Home Community, Life Group…)

· A Home Church does the same things as a larger gatherings of believers. A Home Church is where people from all backgrounds gather to interact with GOD. Jesus says: My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:57). A Home Church is where we connect with God, ourselves and each other. Few things in life are as important.

· So, a Home Church is a place of PRAYER. These prayers can be prayers to God, for the sick, for prebelievers, for each other and prayers of worship.

· WORSHIP can take many forms. Sometimes prayer is conversation, confession, questioning, crying out, thanksgiving, faith, agreement, intercession, requesting justice, consecration, private, loud, silent, conjoint or song.

· Home Churches read and obey the BIBLE. Looking into the Word of God includes public Bible reading (I Timothy 4:13). Sometimes there is a teaching. Our sharing and testimonies may be a response to what we see in scripture. Our Home Churches affirm the Baptist Faith and Message.

·  We share life in Home Churches. FELLOWSHIP is a reflection of our union together in Messiah Jesus. We hang out and enjoy each others company because we have the same Father. There are over 30 “One Another” verses in the Bible (example: Encourage one another). In Home Churches we seek to live out these one another commands.

· Home Churches have Biblically qualified spiritual and practical LEADERS.

· Participating in the Lord’s Table (COMMUNION) is part of Home Church life. The Breaking of Break and or community meals may be a part.

· Home Churches actively COMMUNICATE the good news about Jesus (Gospel, Outreach, Evangelism…) with as many people as possibly.

· Home Churches look for ways to serve their members and pre-believing neighbors with practical acts of SERVICE

· We may BAPTIZE new Christians in Home Churches.

· As Jesus Followers we GIVE to each other, our larger church family and neighbors.    

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