Today I had lunch with a man from the nation of Colombia. What a great guy! His name is Fernando.

Deeply devoted to God and wanting to help others, Fernando studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood. But then, when it came time to take his priestly vows, he paused and backed out. He decided that since he is attracted to women he could not take the Roman Catholic vow of chastity. He told me that he didn’t want to be one of those priests who was secretly chasing around after the nuns.

So, instead of going back to Catholic seminary Fernando went to law school and became an attorney. Several years went by and he found every success in life. He was young, rich, handsome, intelligent, respected, he had a great car and a cool house… He had it all!  But inside he was miserable and depressed.

One night, in desperation, he decided to end his life because he had no peace with God. He realized that, after having everything that this world says will make you happy that he was unfulfilled (kind of like Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes).

But, obviously Fernando did not commit suicide. But while he was still in his state of despair, a friend of his invited him to a Bible study. Fernando went and began to really and seriously read the Scriptures for himself – for the first time. He was enthralled by what he learned about Jesus and came to have what is sometimes called a “born again” experience (see John, chapter 3). Fernando gave his life to God. His soul was purified and filled with purpose. Fernando still has problems but he encountered peace with God through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Because confidence in God is growing in Colombia, Fernando moved to the Pacific Northwestern where we’re sometimes less interested in Jesus. Now Fernando is pastoring Spanish speaking churches here. He’s passionate about God’s love for him and wants to help Latinos and Gringos embrace Jesus and learn God’s Word.

I’m excited about how love for God is growing around the world and especially in many Spanish speaking countries. You may be like Fernando. You may have come to recognize that education, money, religion, sex or status alone cannot fill your soul or connect you with God. I hope that you will join Fernando and give your life to the Lord Jesus today. Please let me know when you do.

“What will it benefit someone if he gains the whole world yet loses his life? Or what will anyone give in exchange for his life?” Jesus

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