Agnostic No More

Glen had reasons to not be a theist. Born and raised in our Northwestern Ecotopia, he was raised by an unbelieving father, who was a scientist, and a believing mother, who didn’t really talk about her beliefs. He was raised to be a good, moral, law-abiding citizen, but there wasn’t any emphasis on the nurturing of the soul. He graduated from a prestigious private university and went on to earn a master’s degree at the University of Chicago before rigorous post-graduate studies in Europe. But agnosticism wasn’t working for Glen and his soul longed for truth, reality, love, connection and understanding.

Glen and I became friends in Portland, before his search for God began in earnest. He scoffed at my every mention of relationship with God. But we became friends. Over the years God began to humble Glen and to open his heart to his Creator. Now, Glen is a Christian and publishing a book chronicling his journey toward Jesus. Amazing!

Be like Glen. Allow your heart to feel it’s hunger for God. Tolerate the aloneness and anxiety you sometimes experience. Don’t kill yourself. Seek life in Jesus. Acknowledge that you are broken and morally corrupt compared to God’s justice. Humble yourself before God. Reach out to and talk with Him. He sees and hears you. Start reading the Bible. Befriend born-again Christians. The way to God is through Jesus of Nazareth who is Lord and Messiah. You find God in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).
Now watch this video to explore who Jesus claims to be.

RIP Ecotopia Author Ernest Callenbach, Good Morning Cascadia – Portland Occupier

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