Check ONE Answer Under Each Heading. Then evaluate your score with the KEY below.  

My View of JESUS

1) No one has deceived more people than Jesus.   

2) God exists. I worship Jesus as God the Son.

3) You cannot trust history to give us the real Jesus.

4) Jesus was a real person but not the only Savior.               

My View of MYSELF

1) I do positive and negative things. Hopefully, it balances out.

2) I was wonderfully made in God’s image, and I do things that violate my own conscience and God’s standards.

3) I’m basically a good person.

4) We are all gods, of one sort or another.


1) I am true to myself and do things that make me happy.

2) I want to follow Jesus, his teachings and example.

3) I respect many Great Teachers, including Jesus.

4) Life is for living. So, do good and enjoy it.

My Developmental GROWTH                                                        

1) I am going to grow until I am ripe to perfection.

2) By pursuing God’s love and resisting evil, I’m growing to become more like Jesus.

3) Education & economic opportunity have helped me grow.

4) Meditating on the infinite in all of us prompts growth.

My TRUTH Source

1) Everyone believes what’s true and right for them.  

2) Ultimate reality and truth are in Jesus of Nazareth.

3) Multiple traditions and scriptures point me to God.

4) We need hidden insights to encounter the divine.                                                                      


1) Humans evolved by natural means. That’s all we know.                  

2) God is my Father. I want to live for Him.

3) All peoples are all equally children of God.

4) Each of us is a child of the universe.


1) Survival of the fittest baby! I do what’s in my best interest.

2) Jesus says for me to love everybody, no matter what. 

3) Just love people. What you think isn’t that important.

4) Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. 

The SPIRIT World

1) If you can’t see it, touch it or taste it, it doesn’t exist.

2) God and angels, Satan and demons are real. Jesus wins. q 3 The greatest demons are our own negative thoughts.

4) I channel all spiritual energy for positive purposes.


1) Love is great. Take care of yourself and yours first.

2) Jesus is the greatest expression of God’s love ever.

3) God’s not mad at anybody. He loves everybody, regardless.

4) My love for the earth unites me with all living things.

Spiritual BALANCE

1) Everything in life has a purely natural explanation.

2) I am an emotional, intellectual, relational, physical, social, economic and spiritual being.

3) God won’t ever judge anyone, if they are doing their best.

4) There are many roads to a spiritually balanced life.

Spiritual CONFLICT

1) Jesus is a mythical fairytale for children and the weak.

2) Since Jesus is Lord, I love and obey Him to grow & change.

3) I have faith. It sustains me in life’s difficulties.

4) Believing in the deity within me will sustain me in life.


1) When you die, you’re dead and that’s it.

2) History, the Spirit, God Himself and my experience tell me God sent Jesus to this world, so I listen to Him.

3) It is harsh to say that Jesus is “The Way” – but he is a part of the path to God, at least for me personally.

4) There are many Paths. Arrogance says there’s only one.


1) I only believe in what’s visible, measurable and repeatable.

2) I know whose I am, who I am and where I am going when I  die. God loves me and cares about my life.

3) I hope that when I die that God will see all I have done to help make myself more worthy of His mercy.

4) Does any of us really know anything for sure?


1) If praying to “The Great Pumpkin” makes you feel better, then go for it.

2) God is listening to me when I speak to Him.

3) I try to connect with the infinite through quiet meditation.

4) We are all praying to the same god(s), whoever s/he is.


1) My identity is in our common humanity.

2) My identity is in my relationship with the One True God.

3) My identity is in my spiritual community and activities.

4) My identity is in our shared divinity.

Truth AND Love

1) What is truth? Love the one you’re with.

2) God’s truth and love are the basis of relational reality and emotional connection.

3) Let’s emphasize the love part.

4) Truth and love are different for each unique culture.


1) Religion may just be the opiate of the people.

2) It’s not about religion. It’s about relationship with God, through Jesus. I won’t endorse false teachers.

3) If it is positive and helps people then I’m for it.

4) All religions must work together to unite humanity.


1) Christians destroy cultures with their hateful rhetoric. 

2) I cooperate with believers to communicate Jesus liberally.  

3) I don’t want to offend anyone by talking about ideology.

4) The poor need social programs not Bible verses.


1) Religion is unscientific. It cannot be tested for truth. 

2) I evaluate leaders on reputation and fidelity to the Apostle’s teaching.

3) If the leader is kind and intelligent, what else matters?

4) Pragmatism, mysticism and intrigue are my truth tests.       



If your total score is 25 or below, you may be skeptical or agnostic in your spiritual orientation.

A score close to 38 may indicate that your spirituality is influenced by Biblical or Jesus thought.

If your score is near 57 your spirituality could be influenced by the religion of ‘pop Christianity’ more than by the Bible or John.

A score approaching 76 indicates that your spiritual views may be informed more by New Age literature than Jesus’ teaching. 

Answers to questions in this assessment correspond to the number and spiritual philosophies below:

1. = more Skeptical

2. = Jesus oriented

3. = Religiously influenced

4. =  New Age perspectives

This assessment of spirituality is based on the letters of John. You can read 1, 2 and 3 John in the New Testament.

John teaches that we connect with God spiritually as we follow Jesus of Nazareth.                      

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